About Holly Krepps

Transformational Teacher of Yoga and Facilitator:  In 1992, as a single mother of a beautiful two year old son, I began practicing meditation as part of a 12-step program that is still the foundation of my practice.  Shortly thereafter, I was led to my first teacher, Shri Ananda Ma.  In 1997, I met Matthew and he introduced me to Ashtanga Yoga. We eventually married, had a son together and began our decade long run as owners of Barefoot Yoga Studio in Little Rock. In addition to Matthew, my main asana studies were with Ana Forrest. I met her in the early years of our studio stewardship, and there was an instant connection. From my time with her I gained a compassionate ferocity for truth and authenticity. Thank you, Ana.  I’ve had the chance to work with many wonderful teachers thanks to my years at the studio: Erich Schiffmann, Doug Keller, Godfrey Devereux, Shiva Rea, Dr Svoboda and others.  I've been most greatly influenced by Bill W., Robert Svoboda; Byron Katie, Nisargadatta, Patanjali, Gurdjieff, my friend, Red Hawk; my beloved Shri Ammachi, Shri Ananda Ma; Ramana Maharshi, my mysterious relationships with the Blessed Mary and Kali, a community of earnest practictioners, Ray Metzger – may he be resting in peace, and the Lakota Tradition via sweat lodge ceremonies and vision quest.  Currently, I work and live at Circle Yoga Shala in the foothills of the Ozark;  a dream I have been blessed to see into manifestation.