About Duncan Wong

Duncan Wong, born into an artistic family in San Francisco, California in 1968, is the creator of the Yogic Arts synthesis system, a flow therapy system that encompasses an integration of several ancient healing movement cultures. His early cross-over research allowed him to pioneer the California Warrior Flow movement out of San Francisco, decades before it would sweep across the globe as the standard practice of the masses. His presence and influence within the mind and heart of the global yogic community have both stirred controversy and contemplation about the roots of hatha yoga and the transformation it has taken to support the balance of life in the world. All yogi warriors must stand outside of the circle, keeping the fire and protecting all chosen people within this sacred space that we call earth.


Duncan began his yoga practice as a young boy from watching his older sister perform sun salutations in their front yard of the Northern California Delta lands, a practice he later adopted as a teenager in search of sanctuary from his kick boxing youth, which led him on a journey of healing, insight and self discovery in to the field of energetic flow and empowered stillness. His Training reads like a master A-list, having practiced extensively with several high profile teachers both in the East and the West throughout the greater part of his life, that include advanced practice of Astanga Vinyasa yoga in the old skool at Laxmipuram, Mysore, South India with Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois and Sri Sharath Rangaswami, long term training in the art of Kuk Sool Won, with his life-long Korean Buddhist sword master, Sun Im Kwahn Jang Nym, Sung Jin Suh, as well as early extensive Jivamukti Yoga training with co-creator's Sri Tripura Sundari and Sri Deva Das in New York City. Duncan also received direct dhrishti diksa shaktipat (gaze initiation awakening) from Sri Swami Chidvilasananda (Gurumai) of the Siddha Yoga lineage during his years of service around the Siddha Yoga Peeth ashrams in the United States and India.


After 30 years of empowered organic movement and research in the fields of Vinyasa Chikitsa (Fluid Healing) yoga, Buddhist mixed martial arts, trans-personal bodywork (intuitive massage) and nature survival training, Duncan discovered the relationship between movement, stillness and their connecting resonant energy. His work brings a depth and sensitivity to what he understands to be the original way of teaching through continuous conscious contact and patient repetition practice, which he refined from the years of leading Mysore programs in the yoga studios that he supported and created in New York City (Jivamukti Yoga Center 1998-2000 / Shiva Yoga Shala 2000-2004) and Shanghai (Namaste Yoga Shala 2005-2008). Since 2008 Duncan sensei has resided in the mountains of Kyoto in a wooden temple house along a holy river.

He established Yogic Arts, which is patented integration of yoga, martial arts, and Thai massage.  Duncan combines the detox and flow of Ashtanga Vinyasa, with joint conditioning and core strengthening properties of Buddhist Gung-Fu, plus the healing adjustments of Thai therapy.


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