Wesley Pilcher is a certified 500-ERYT, wellness consultant, and co-owner of Arkansas Yoga Collective in Little Rock. He is a Yogi, a teacher, a father, a husband, and a servant.


Wesley has had an inspiring motive to make a difference in the world through alternative approaches to help and teach others. He continues to grow in his journey.  Wesley received certification in Chinese Herbology, and a foundation in Ayurveda. His background is as a naturopath. He completed a 6 month internship with Dr. Murta Champa, a Tibetan Doctor and Healer.  Wesley received his 200 Hour from Circle Yoga Shala, and Mixed Yogic Arts from Duncan Wong.  He studied with Ruslan Kleytman ( Akhila ) Yoga and earned his 500-hour certification as well. Wesley and Ruslan have taken several groups to India together to learn the essence of yoga through tradition. Wesley is a co-owner of Arkansas Yoga Collective with his business partner, Kayce Johnson.  They have created a vibrant community for yogis to learn, teach, and practice. He also is passionate about teaching cancer patients, and regularly teaches at numerous cancer clinics. His mission is to make yoga accessible for every single being, transcending limitation.